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You Are Your Brand

Your identity online is not dependent on your name. The name you choose to call yourself online is not as important as the value you give those people who choose to “follow” you and listen to what you have to say.

Woman Twitters While Robbing Bank (FUD and the media)

My friend Anna sent messages to Twitter after a bank robbery, leading to a big game of Telephone in the media.

Wings of a Butterfly (How Twestival Changed My Life)

On February 12, 2009, Twestival not only raised $24,000 in New York City and $250,000 worldwide, but it changed my life as well.

The Front Man and the Guitarist With Mystique in Social Media

Most social media startups are a collaboration between the social aspects and the technology. Even the most pure technological startups require an edge that people can relate to in order to gain success, otherwise your userbase will not be interested in your product, and potentially use your competitor’s product.

Your Medium Is Your Message

Social Media requires the interaction between the social aspects and the technological medium in order to create a successful message to the masses.