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2013 Geek, Tech and Social Media Book Gift Guide

Each year when I make a gift guide, I look at books that would make good gifts and find that if I put books on the list, I wouldn’t have room for anything else, so I just make a separate list of books that would make good holiday gifts. From tech to social media to graphic novels, there are always so many good books to read.

2013 Geek and Tech Gift Guide

It’s that holiday time of year again, and sometimes you just don’t know what to get that geek in your life. Having skipped doing a gift guide in 2012, I’ve returned with a list to help find that perfectly geeky gift for the person you just don’t know what to get for them.

Venture Beat “Techies” Are Not For Techies

In late May, Venture Beat asked “Who are the top New York City tech influencers?” to announce their “Top Silicon Alley Techie” award. The problem is that they were seeking people who were influencers in the New York tech scene, not actual tech people who create the tech in question.

Livescribe Pen at SXSW

When I was at SXSW Interactive, PepsiCo was doing some interesting things in their area of the Austin Convention Center. They were displaying assorted technologies, like future vending machines and panes of glass that could display video or be interactive. One of these technological displays I got to participate in was an interactive experience utilizing Livescribe pens.

Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

Sometime last year, I started reading books on my iPad. While it was convenient to have a book collection that I could carry everywhere that took up much less space than my bookshelves, it was tough to read on the iPad for multiple reasons, so I decided to get a Kindle to contain my books.

2011 Geek, Tech and Social Media Book Gift Guide

Last year, I had so many books that I thought would make good holiday gifts for those who were so inclined that I decided to make a separate list of books that would make good gifts. Books ranging from technology to social media to graphic novels that expand the mind and/or entertain. These books may […]

2011 Geek and Tech Gift Guide

Every year, we look out and try to figure out to get for that special person in our lives, but aren’t quite sure what to get for one reason or another. If that person in your life is a techie or a geek, here is a list of potential gifts that may help you decide.

Review: Samsung Focus Windows Phone

I was recently invited to the Windows Mobile event in New York City. In addition to a performance by Matt and Kim at the event, I was sent a Samsung Focus phone thanks to Klout Perks. I have been able to use the phone for over a week now and have first hand experience with […]

Review: iPhone 4S

The day before Steve Jobs’ unfortunate passing, Tim Cook took the stage to announce the latest offerring in their iPhone line. While many were disappointed it wasn’t the revolutionary iPhone 5 that had been rumored for the months leading up, the evolutionary iPhone 4S was announced instead and released to the general populace about a […]

Netflix Trashes Qwikster

When Netflix announced they were spinning their DVD and Blu-ray shipping off into a separate company, it was met with derision as another bad idea to follow up the raising of prices. It appeared to be an excuse to explain the raised prices by splitting the disc and streaming subscriptions. Yesterday, Netflix dropped the axe and announced they were not creating Qwikster.