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Why Do Droid Apps Need To Continuously Run?

In my initial review of the Motorola Droid phone, I pointed out how I noticed that applications continue to run in the background, even when I am not using them. If I am completely not using an application, why do they need to keep running if they are not in use?

Community vs. Commercialism in Art

I previously wrote about the ownership of media. Once you purchased it, the murky question of ownership leads to other questions, but once something is created and released, who gets usage of the art created and how far can they go? And how can the artist make money when everyone has access to it?

Review: Motorola Droid

My recent venture into a new smartphone with the Blackberry Tour was a less than stellar experience, that temporarily led me back to my old Windows Mobile phone. With fortuitous timing, I was invited to the launch party for the new Motorola smartphones, which gave me ownership of a Motorola Droid phone.

Twitter Lists

In the last week, Twitter rolled out their newest feature on their websites called Twitter lists. Lists allow you to aggregate the people you follow on Twitter into smaller, more manageable groups that users can view the short messages (tweets) that people on those lists post. What started as a good idea is being seen fairly universally as a poor implementation.