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Ender’s Game for Business and Social Media: Battle School

The story of Ender Wiggin is the tale of a young boy sent to train with the military in order to lead their forces against a foe that threatens all humanity. It is a coming of age story in a science fiction setting that explores humanity amidst an interstellar war with insect-like aliens who almost destroyed mankind twice, and man prepares to face once more.

Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild 5K and April Detox Results

Nine weeks ago, I went to brunch with friends and they challenged me to run the Bronx Zoo Run For the Wild 5K because I was considering taking up running but wavering because of the predicted poor weather. After 9 weeks of running and a month of “detoxing,” I finally ran the race. And I am aware there are a few days left of April, but I thought it best to recap it with the race results.

Apps By Google for the Droid

Since the Droid runs on the Google created Android operating system, it only makes sense that Google would have released their own apps for the OS. Although they only phone hardware released by Google themselves is the Nexus One, the applications released by Google would work on any phone running the Google developed mobile operating system.

BarCamp NYC 5: Crowdsourcing an App Design

This past weekend, I attended the fifth annual BarCampNYC, an international unconference where the attendees design their own panels and attend them. I decided that I wanted to try an experimental panel about designing an application from the ground up. My plan was to go in with a clean slate and see what people came up with.

What Chirp and Twitter Mean For Developers

This week, Twitter made several announcements and held their first developer’s conference called Chirp. Some of these announcements mean big things for the users while others hold greater significance for developers.While we are seeing the immediate grumblings from developers we don’t know what far reaching effects it will have yet.

iPhone OS 4.0 First Impressions

One of the advantages of being a developer is to have access to things before they are released to the general public in order to develop programs in relation to them. If you are an iPhone developer, you get early access to major revisions of the operating system in order to make sure your existing programs work and to develop programs utilizing the new features in the operating system. I upgraded my iPhone 3G this weekend to try out some of the new 4.0 features.

Review: iPad

Like many others last Saturday, I purchased the latest Apple product to hit the market, the iPad. I gave my first impressions at the beginning of the week, but I have used it fairly extensively over the past week and hardened my opinions of the device.

iPad First Impressions

Like many others on Saturday, I purchased Apple’s latest device, the iPad. After 2 days of use, I’ve gotten my first impressions as I have gotten acclimated with the device.

Rooting the Droid for Wifi Tethering

I knew there was a community out there that had hacked the Android Operating System in order to gain full access to the UNIX based OS, like enterprising hackers had jailbroken the iPhone and iPod Touch, but I had no interest in doing it to my own phone. There were no advantages to my Droid usage, until I saw the app to tether my Droid with Wifi.