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Must Have Apps and Games for the Sony Xperia Play

The Sony Xperia Play is the phone that truly brings mobile gaming to the smartphone. Rather than the touchscreen games that are prevalent on the modern smartphone, the slide out controller gives a convenient way to play games with a reduced sized Playstation controller that allows the play of high quality 3D games without blocking out parts of the screen with controls nor covering the screen as one interacts with it.

Review: Sony Xperia Play – The Playstation Phone

With the advent of the smartphone and mobile gaming, it was just a matter of time before a manufacturer raised the ante beyond the ever popular Angry Birds and Cut the Line. The company to do that turned out to be the manufacturers of the ever popular Playstation consoles, Sony, with their new Xperia Play cellphone.

When Gamification Overtakes Usefulness

Gamification creates user behaviors and train users to act certain ways within a website or app. By creating a points and reward system, like badges on Foursquare and Huffington Post, the creators of a system can get users to do things that normally wouldn’t, but what happens when the gamification overtakes the usefulness of the app?

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

As I continue running and training for races, I wanted to start having better accuracy than the Nike+ I had been using to train over the previous year. Since the sportwatch was adding extra distance to my runs and I didn’t want to run with my phone, so a GPS watch was my best bet. Having already tracked my training with the Nike Plus for the past year, I decided to try the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS.

Chevy Main Street in Motion

This past Friday, I was invited to the Chevrolet Main Street in Motion event at Citi Field. This is an event that is touring 24 cities across the United States to allow people to come out over the course of a weekend and test drive an assortment of Chevy, GMC and Buick vehicles, and some of their competitor’s vehicles, on preset tracks and routes that let a driver get a taste of what driving the vehicles is like.

iOS 5 First Impressions

With Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference underway, the annual keynote from Steve Jobs introduced new versions of the Macintosh OS X and and iPhone iOS operating systems. Development builds for both were released Monday night to members of the Apple development program to begin making sure their software works in anticipation of the general release in the fall.

Road to the NY Marathon: UJA Run for Israel

The ING New York City Marathon is arguably the biggest marathon in the world. Thousands of runners apply to run 26.2 miles through the streets of New York City in this annual event. There are multiple ways to enter the marathon, but the most preferred method is referred to as the 9+1.

Netflix comes to more Android Devices

In the two weeks since Netflix has come to the Android, the biggest complaint about it is that it has only been on a small number of devices. The programmers have been hard at work and continue to bring it to new devices.