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5 Lessons For Your Startup From Alice Cooper

There are plenty of comparisons to social media and startups to pop stars like Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, most of these artists they compare against are flash in the pans who are popular in the moment for quick search results, but sometimes a startup doesn’t just want to be the taste of the moment and should look at an artist with longevity who influenced many of the current artists, like Alice Cooper.


We are in a new age of music startups. From Turntable.fm to Spotify, plenty of new startups are creating cloud based music listening options to share music with friends. One such new startup is Promusic.fm, a new site that allows a user to create new and share new radio stations online.

BrickFair 2011 Recap

After last year’s BrickFair, I decided I wanted to be more involved in the event. I stepped up as the “Movie/TV/Book” theme coordinator to help set up the tables and get things organized. After wishing my grandmother a very happy 100th birthday, I flew out to Washington, D.C. Once there, it was time to join the other Lego builders and get to work.

Happy 100th Birthday Grandma

As I lounge poolside in the sunshine state, I’ve come here for a most auspicious occasion, the hundredth anniversary of the birth of my mother’s mother. My Grandmother is celebrating her centennial birthday here in sunny Florida and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of the celebration.