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Review: Aftershokz Sport Headphones

I’m always looking for the best headphones to run with, so when I came across the Aftershokz Sport Headphones, I needed to check them out. Rather than going in-ear like most sport headphones, the Aftershokz Sports go in front of the ears and use patent pending military special ops bone conduction technology to give a completely different listening experience.

Review: Sol Republic Tracks Headphones

SXSW was awash in technological devices and products, many of which were available with the right opportunities. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Livescribe pen, I was able to receive a pair of Sol Republic Tracks headphones to listen to my music and podcasts with.

Chevrolet Introduces Mylink

A big showing at the NY International Auto Show this year was interactivity between cellphones and the automobile, specifically the radio. With the proliferation of smartphones and apps, it makes sense to attempt to bring that technology into the automobile, and the next iteration of Chevy’s radio technology to make use of it is called MyLink.