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Review: Zombie Massacre

There’s a special kind of movie that comes from filmmaker Uwe Boll. Fairly considered the dregs of the cinematic world, Boll has even challenged critics to boxing matches to defend his films. While those are generally the films that he directs, Zombie Massacre answers the question of what kind of film Uwe Boll would produce and “present.”

Recap: Damon Runyon Yankee Stadium 5K 2013

Every year, I try to run at least one 5K with my nephew. In the past, we have run the Bronx Zoo and Giants Stadium together. This year, we wanted to run the vaunted halls of the house that Ruth built, Yankee Stadium. I also decided I wanted to give Google Glass a serious test […]

The Modular LEGO Apple Store

When ILUGNY was going to do a train layout at BrickFair this year, I wanted to create a new building for it. I have been inspired by the designs by Apple for a long time, so I decided my contribution to the layout would be an Apple Store in the modular format that the buildings in the layout adhere to.