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How to Install Comic Books (And Other Files) on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

After last week’s article about Comic Book Readers, my friend Stugots thought it was interesting that there were these different apps that would allow him to read comic books on his iPod Touch, but until now had only used the Marvel Comics app. ┬áHe wanted to know if it was possible to upload comics to […]

Comic Book Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Droid

With the higher resolutions and better screens with our portable devices, the visual mediums have become more prevalent. Comic books are a century old medium of storytelling that tells stories of mythology, history, and of course spandex. While Marvel and DC dominate the comic book market, they don’t control the digital market yet.

iPhone OS 4.0 First Impressions

One of the advantages of being a developer is to have access to things before they are released to the general public in order to develop programs in relation to them. If you are an iPhone developer, you get early access to major revisions of the operating system in order to make sure your existing programs work and to develop programs utilizing the new features in the operating system. I upgraded my iPhone 3G this weekend to try out some of the new 4.0 features.

Review: iPad

Like many others last Saturday, I purchased the latest Apple product to hit the market, the iPad. I gave my first impressions at the beginning of the week, but I have used it fairly extensively over the past week and hardened my opinions of the device.

iPad First Impressions

Like many others on Saturday, I purchased Apple’s latest device, the iPad. After 2 days of use, I’ve gotten my first impressions as I have gotten acclimated with the device.