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Twitter Apps for the Droid and Droid X

With all the social media integration of smart phones, it’s important to have proper access to your social networks.  Since the two most popular social networks are Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to have the proper apps to access both.  The only app for Facebook is the mediocre Facebook app, but there are a myriad of choices to access Twitter with.

Each of the apps below have access to similar features, but everyone has their favorite. Since all of the ones below are free (even though some do have paid versions), install different ones and see which one suits your needs.  All of the apps below can be reached on androlib and can be easily installed by using Barcode Scanner to scan the QR code on the page.

  • AndroTweet – A slim, small client to access Twitter with
  • Hootsuite – The populer professional Twitter app for Android, and syncs with your Hootsuite account on the web.
  • Is Twitter Down – Like IsTwitterDown.com but in app form so you can always know whether Twitter is up or down
  • Seesmic – My client of choice due to its clean interface and customizability. The ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts also makes it highly useful
  • Touiteur – This clean, slick and customizable Twitter client is the latest in Twitter apps and has quickly grown in popularity due to its high quality
  • Tweetcaster – A full featured Twitter client that they claim is filled with “the coolest features”
  • Twidroyd – Twidroyd is considered the default Twitter client for most Android users, being one of the first and having a very clean, simple interface to access Twitter with
  • Twitter – The Official client from Twitter themselves will cover all the features and let you use them the way Twitter wants you, but many advanced Twitter users find it too bloated for their needs
  • YapYap! – Although they don’t list much information on androlib or their website, this seems like a well laid out app.

There are other Twitter clients out there for the Droid, Droid X and other Android phones, but these are the most popular and most liked.  If you use other ones that you like better, share them below and let me know.

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