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Closing a chapter

Sometimes in life, you must realize that the party has to end. It’s time to turn up the chairs and let the last one out turn off the lights. Eras must come to their conclusions and let history judge them for what they were.

I recently decided that something I had been part of and been behind is no longer where I need to be. Growth is an important part of life and some things in our lives are just anchors that keep us in place prevent that growth and keep us static. A butterfly can’t stay a caterpillar forever, but if they don’t get the chance to cocoon, it won’t open itself to the new experiences that flying would create if it just stayed on the branch.

I treasure the experiences that were afforded to me, and some of the amazing people I met and shared those experiences with. To me, everything in life is a learning experience, and I feel they taught me a lot, but if you keep your circle closed, the possibility of the amazing experiences you could have are severely depleted if you can allow yourself the openness to other people.

So I raise a glass to those times and turn the page in anticipation of what is written on the next page. May the words be as enticing as those that preceded them and may those who joined me on the adventure find their own future prose as intriguing as I find my own.

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