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New York Comic Con 2013 – Through Other Eyes


My 8-Bit LEGO at Google+ Local booth

The weekend of the New York Comic Con this year coincided with the same weekend as the Chicago Marathon. While did show up on Thursday to loan some of my LEGO creations to Google+ Local to display at NYCC, I was unable to truly give the convention the time that it requires to really go through it. As such, I asked two friends to go to the convention and cover it for JustJon.Net.

I asked Lincoln and Missy to each go to NYCC for me and report back. I gave them free reign to cover any aspect of the convention that they felt deserved coverage. The first person is Missy Levy of Geek Girl Castle, who gave an overview of the cosplays she saw.

New York Comic Con has so many amazing cosplayers. I love seeing both new and old cosplay ideas. Whether it’s something like Doctor Who cosplay to Marvel Avengers, movie edition, to older things like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I just love seeing what everyone comes up with. This year I saw several Rose’s from Doctor Who. A few from the Journey’s End episode with the purple jacket and another Rose from the New New New York episode with reborn Cassandra. I met someone who made her own Tron outfit. Her shoes alone were worth the look, she custom made them, along with the dress and earrings. She said she will have a website soon to let others custom order from her. And even though the movie if old, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Gakaxy as a book is still popular. So I saw a few Arthur Dent’s walking the floor.


LEGO Green Lantern and TARDIS at Google+ Local

To see pictures of what Missy saw and more of her NYCC cosplay experience, check out her cosplay pictorial here.

Taking a different view of the con is Lincoln C. Chinnery III, a fellow follower of fandom and cocktail aficionado. Since he has attended every New York Comic Con since it started, he looked at his experiences at this year’s New York Comic Con as well as previous years and shared some prepatory guidelines for people attending NYCC.

As someone who has been to every New York Comic Con since 2006 (not to mention a few dozen Big Apple Comic Cons and more than my fair share of Star Trek conventions), something dawned on me. My first NYCC was a disaster; I arrived late, missed out on some good panels and lost my signed set of JLA #1-3 (signed by Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis). Below is a list of tips/items that it might help others navigate NYCC better than my first time.

Item #1 Costumes: If you are dressing as your favorite character – I suggest you go all out. Research, research, research! – Match colors and patterns as best you can. I’m not saying you should spend your rent money on the perfect Iron Man or Wonder Woman outfit. Just make sure every stitch and seam is sewn to perfection. If you think your Optimus Prime gear needs another coat of paint – go for it! Also, the more obscure the better. Anyone wearing Aquaman’s outfit from his 1986 mini series gets all the attention.

Item #2 Cosplay: Boys- NO TOUCHING! Enjoy the view and ask permission to take a picture. Also, realize you might be the 1,000th person to ask for a picture. Posing in a pair of stilettos and a Catwoman outfit for several hours will make anyone cranky. Be polite and respect the cosplayer.

Item #3 General Dress: The Jacob K. Javits Center gets hot. Wear comfortable casual clothes. Dress for a humid summer day and you’ll be fine.

  •  Guys – Comfortable shoes.
  •  Ladies – Flats.

Item #4 Panels: The more popular the panel the earlier you should arrive. I’ve seen kids sit and wait two hours just for the” I Have No Sewing Machine, But I Must Cosplay!” And I’ve watched people invest time in panels they have no interest in so they can be early for the one they want that just happens to be in the same room. Arrive early or don’t go at all

Item #5 Signings: Everybody wants every issue of their favorite comic book signed but time is a precious and there are other people waiting. Be respectful of the artist’s time (and hands) – limit yourself to a few books and move on.

Item #6 Photos: Keep your camera on. A few years ago I missed a great opportunity. I was taking pictures at the Con for AM New York and had wrapped up a nice set of photos. As I turned my camera off I was tapped on the shoulder and asked to step aside. I moved out the way only to have Stan Lee (surrounded by security guards) walk by me. Inches away and with my camera off, I missed taking a cool candid shot of The Founding Father of Marvel Comics as he waved to the crowd and stopped to muss up a kid’s hair. Regret is a shot not taken.

Item #7 Food: This year NYCC was treated to the arrival of some amazing (and Vendy Award winning) food trucks. Usually, convention goers have to choose to either bring food or spend money of what Javits considers food. My suggestion is to bring your own. Save your money for buying trades and purchasing swords.

Item #8 Money: Cash is king but keep your eyes on the prize. I’ve seen attendees drop wads of twenties while trying to carry comics, swords and take pictures. Costume or not, have a secure pocket, pouch or purse to keep your cash secure. Also, avoid the ATMs, the fees seem more like a ransom demand than anything fair.

Item #9 Getting Tickets: Unless you are press, an exhibitor or a VIP buy them as soon as possible. Waiting for the last minute means waiting in line and waiting in line means you are NOT on the floor of the Con checking out everything.

Item #10 Band of Brothers & Sisters: Taking on the Con as a pack makes sense. You can’t see everything but with an extra pair of eyes you won’t miss a shot, signing or cute cosplayer. Also, synchronize your swatches and pick a place to meet at designated times. Texting and tweeting are almost impossible at the Javits convention center – it’s better to meet face to face and catch up rather than wait for a text.

If you have any other questions about attending your first convention, or just want to know more about NYCC, feel free to ask Lincoln on twitter or post them in the comments below.

Thank you to both Missy and Lincoln for sharing your NYCC going experiences with JustJon.Net and hopefully I will be able to fully attend again next year.


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