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Review: iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream

While there are many products on the market for waking an individual up in the morning, going back decades, many of them aren’t aimed at helping them fall asleep as well. The iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream is an alarm clock that aims to help with sleep via sound therapy and aromatherapy.

As an alarm clock, the iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream has 12 sound settings to fall asleep and wake up to. The sounds are varying degree of relaxing based on user preferences and can be set to go for a period of time before automatically shutting off. Since the Dream is an alarm clock, it can be set to go off at in the morning and has dual alarms, so the user can wake up well rested and not have worry about changing alarms between weekends and weekdays (or double weekday alarms for those who just need that extra help before work in the morning).

The iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream is an essential oil diffuser in addition to an alarm clock. The Dream has a water reservoir inside that gets filled with water and several drops of essential oil that get diffused into the room. The aroma diffuser can run for up to 18 hours straight and 54 hours total on a single full reservoir , but can also be set for shorter periods. Like the sound therapy, the aromatherapy can be set to run for a finite period before turning itself off and can be activated by the alarm clock to wake up to the smell of the essential oils.

It is worth noting that I am highly sensitive to aromas like these oils. The undiluted bottle can give me a headache if it is uncapped near my nose. The lavender essential oil was very strong for me the first night I put it in, filling the room with the scent. After a day or two, it mixed with the water well enough that it was light and pleasant enough to enjoy the aroma.

The buttons on the iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream are small and hidden on the back (along with a USB port that I used to charge my iPad with no problem), but it has a remote control that easily cradles in the top of the alarm clock and has all the features needed to operate the alarm clock and the sleep settings. Additionally it has two buttons that can be used to save favorite settings to activate them with the touch of one of the buttons. Once I found the sound I liked and the length of time to play it with the aroma, I was able to save it and activate it nightly with one press.

As someone who occasionally has trouble sleeping, I found that I was falling asleep easier with the iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream and rarely was awake after the ten minute timer I put it on. The Dream is a sound choice for anyone who wants a diffuser and alarm clock, and they want to be able to use them conjunctively.

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