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Review: Lima Ultra

Everything on the internet these days is about “the cloud.” From hosting servers to files, everything is put up in the cloud, but ultimately it just means you are putting your contents on someone else’s computer somewhere. There are so many services online to host and share files, all of which give basic service for free then charge a monthly fee to get more space. Instead of being chained to a monthly fee with iCloud, Dropbox, Box, etc., there is a simple option to set up your own with the Lima Ultra.

Setting up the Lima Ultra is simple. Plug the hard drive into the Lima Ultra’s USB port, the ethernet cable from the ethernet port to a router, and a power cable into the wall and the hardware is set up. From there, software needs to be installed onto a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer (in my case a MacBook Pro) and the setup run from the same network. The installed software will prepare the drive, install encryption, and create an account with Lima to find the drive from any device.

Once the setup is done, the Lima Ultra can be reached from any device with the software installed. In the case of the computer, it appears like just another hard drive that can be accessed with slight lag, since it is accessing it across the network.

Using the Lima Ultra from a smartphone is just as easy. By installing an app on the iPhone or Android, any media or files on the Lima Ultra hard drive can easily be accessed after logging in. I was able to watch part of a movie, listen to music, view files, and look at pictures by just navigating the app. I copied a pdf and then was able to look at it on my phone in seconds. As an added feature, the Lima Ultra can automatically back up all photos and videos on the phone. This took hours initially (I have a lot on my phone), but once the initial upload is done, the uploads are quick and give an instant backup in case of emergency.

One additional feature that I really liked, but have not been able to test was the synchronous backups feature. If you have two Lima Ultras in two different locations, they can automatically sync up to back up the files offsite. Since there’s the 3-2-1 rule when it comes to backups – three backups on two different media with at least one offsite – the Lima Ultra makes it simple to keep your precious files someplace safe, should anything happen to the originals.

The Lima Ultra is simple, small, and easy to use. It makes it the perfect place to store all those media, work, and personal files that you want instant access any time and any place, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, without the monthly fees of a service. The Lima Ultra really feels like the ultimate solution for setting up your own cloud file and backup server in the easiest possible way.

The Lima Ultra is currently only available via a waiting list on their website at https://meetlima.com/ultra.php?lang=en

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