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RonFez.Net Upgrades

RonFez.Net is going thru some upgrades tonight, as I’ve posted on the board. The site may have a little downtime as I upgrade the site, but hopefully it will be short.

The changes are primarily to 3 sections:

  • The blogs are getting some bug fix upgrades, nothing major.
  • The Gallery is getting an upgrade as well, but since this is the least of the three tonight, it’s the last one I’ll do and possibly not tonight.
  • The message board is going through some upgrades and additions to core functionality. This is the part that will require some downtime, since the pages will be changing, it’s tough to allow people to use them and to make changes to them. The chat room will be opened access and will not require a login while the site is down.

Hopefully the changes will be quick and painless, since I’ll be doing them and watching Dexter season 2. Any big updates will be posted here. Incremental updates will be found on my twitter feed.

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