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Road to the 2013 NY Marathon: Ted Corbitt 15K

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 4.10.13 PMWith the year slowly drawing to a close, and realizing I had run eight qualifying races for the 2013 NYC Marathon (including the credit for the canceled marathon), I decided I wanted to run one more time to get the guaranteed entry for the 2013 marathon, even though entrants of the 2012 marathon were being guaranteed entry for the 2013 marathon.

On December 15, the Ted Corbitt 15K was run around Central Park. Named for the founding president ¬†of the New York Road Runners, the 9.3 mile race is the second to last race of the 2012 calendar year, with only the New Year’s Eve run to come after. The route for the race is two loops around Central Park, the first a five mile loop starting at East 66th street and going up to 102nd street before heading west and running down to 61st street. Heading back east and up to 102nd street again before turning at 71st street and finishing in the middle of the park.

Although I often run races in headphones and tend to focus on running, it was good to see a couple of my Team Determination teammates on the course. Around mile 8, I saw Yuan-Chien Yang and Vishal Desai. The three of us didn’t completely run in sync together, between keeping different paces and the water stops, but we pushed each other to finish strong. At the finish, we saw fellow teammate Carolann Treacy (who I also saw prior to the race) and got to celebrate the end of the race season together with bagels and Gatorade.

With the completion of the Ted Corbitt 15K, my NYRR 9+1 for the 2013 was completed. Even with the guaranteed entry with the marathon cancelation, I have the 9+1 as a backup, which will allow me to defer the marathon cancelation to a future marathon, should I choose to use it instead of running the 9+1. Until then, my races are done until 2013.

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