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Using Social Media TO ROCK!

On this festive July 4 holiday weekend, my friend Missy told me a story of rock music and social media that I felt was worth sharing (with her permission).  A tale that shows how a musician can show they care by connecting with fans and helping them connect.

When 90’s rock band Faith No More reunited and announced they would be touring, my friend Missy wanted to see them. Unfortunately, tickets had sold out before she had the chance to purchase any and she lamented the fact that she would be unable to see them perform live.  As it turned out, Faith No More’s keyboardist Roddy Bottum heard her pleas and responded.  Not only did he respond, but he did so in such a way that all of his followers would see it as well.

Not only did a fellow fan see it, but she reached out to Missy. A woman in Vancouver, Canada had planned to visit New York and see the show, but would not be making the trip.  As such, she sold Missy her tickets at cost and made a fellow fan happy to be able to see the band live.

A musician who cared enough about his band’s fans and took the time to interact with them helped connect them. This lesson can apply to people of all scales.  From the Lady Gagas and Ozzy Osbournes to the guys starting a band out of their garage, it’s not just important to connect with your fans, but you can build connections between the fans themselves.  You don’t have to be a musician for this to apply either.  Charlie O’Donnell has started what he calls Awesome Intro Monday, where he gets people to connect two people with a common interest.

Have you introduced people on Twitter lately?

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