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And the Winner Is…

GM Volt Greendrink easelback + drink cardIt was kind of GM to approach me last week and let me grant the holiday wish for one of my readers because I had borrowed and written about the Chevy Sonic earlier this year. Yesterday, you got to make your wishes and today, I get to grant one of them…

The wishes were rather varied, so below are some of the wishes that were made and how they tended to shake out.

Some of you were kind enough to include your wishes with me, like…

  • #gmner My holiday wish is to win $500 and spend half of it on@JustJon doing cool stuff in #NYC. How can you argue with that?!#pickME pls! – @CityGalKLC
  • @JustJon I wish for it to rain legos so you can happily build us a plane to fly us to a tropical island. #GMNER – @Mizcity
  • @JustJon All I want for Christmakah is you. And a spa-filled trip to Cancun. Or maybe Cabo. Oh and world peace. #GMNER – @JessicaLevin

Some wanted to spend time with family…

  • @JustJon my holiday wish is to be with my family since, I will be going for my RN degree in Jan & time will be short next year.#GMNER – @DonStugots
  • @JustJon I’m wishing to take the family out to see the holiday displays before the season is over. #GMNER – @PabQuinteros
  • .@JustJon I want to win so I FINALLY have a car to run my holiday errands & visit fam! Cash towards my adopted #Sandy fam! 🙂#GMNER – @JumpingTraci

Some wanted to visit friends and drink beer…

  • #GMNER @JustJon my holiday wish? Go see the Dogfish Head brewery and visit my friends along the way. – @RobBlatt

And some people wanted material things to help improve their lives…

  • @Justjon “My holiday wishes… (1) all the books on my wishlist, the space to put them at my desk, and the time to read them….”#GMNER
    @JustJon Oh. and a new paper calendar. #GMNER
     – @MissJennShaw
  • Any @gibsonguitar please! 🙂 @JustJon #GMNER – @LisaBianco
  • @JustJon or “Dear Santa” perhaps a new mac to replace my broken one! #GMNER – @JanineJust
  • @JustJon I wish for funds to help kickoff my new video podcast and one-woman show! #GMNER – @abbywright1
  • I wish I could re-publish my e-book “Ruminations of a Catholic School Girl (Who Thinks in Latin but Lives Near Hackensack) in print to give it to people (signed) and put things in my bio like “The author lives with her son, a rising rock star, and three cats that puke hair balls on the floor with amazing regularity and has a penchant for burned bacon, hot sauce and Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.” – Vicki Lindgren Young

Some people wanted to do some self improvement…

  • @justjon I wish for a new job in TY2013 #GMNER – @fdny4eva
  • My wish is my confidence and with this win my confidence soars! – @Pinkdeb
  • @JustJon My real holiday wish is that my husband gets this job he’s been going out for. Would be a great opportunity. #GMNER – @lizsetsfire

And some people just wanted their family to be well…

  • @JustJon my holiday wish is for my mom to get better. #GMNER – @MainaNYC
  • @JustJon I wish I am a bone marrow match for my cousin with preleukemia #GMNER – @fdny4eva

I wish I could give out to multiple wishes, but unfortunately that’s not the case, since I was only given one prize to give out. Since there were quite a few that were out of my control, I decided the prize should to go someone who not only wanted the prize for herself (to visit family), but who wanted to help those who were hit by tragedy recently. So The $500 gift card and one week car loan from GM goes to @JumpingTraci.

Thank you all for entering and I hope all your holiday wishes come true. And thank you GM and the MSL group for sponsoring this contest.

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