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The LEGO Super Friends Project

When the LEGO Friends line was introduced, it was met with mixed reviews. Many little girls loved it and LEGO builders liked the colors that were introduced with the line, but it was often derided for its more doll-like minifigures and its conformation to female stereotypes. It was such discussions, and the desire to utilize the same figures in order to the break the stereotypes that they had been assigned, that led me to start the LEGO Super Friends Project.

The LEGO Post-It Note Avengers

Earlier this summer, to promote the Avengers movie, Post-It Notes released their templates for the Avengers. I had seen these on my friend Gregory’s Facebook page, and my first thought was that I could make these out of LEGO bricks.

The Mighty Marvel Avengers Movie Marathon

Four years in the making, Marvel Entertainment has been building up to their Avengers movie. Ever since Sam Jackson appeared in a scene after the credits in Iron Man, fanboys have been salivating in anticipation of the eventual Avengers movie. Five movies later, the fans have gotten what they were waiting for.