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When Gamification Overtakes Usefulness

Gamification creates user behaviors and train users to act certain ways within a website or app. By creating a points and reward system, like badges on Foursquare and Huffington Post, the creators of a system can get users to do things that normally wouldn’t, but what happens when the gamification overtakes the usefulness of the app?

Black Friday and Foursquare

The day after Thanksgiving in the United States has been dubbed Black Friday and is considered the first day of the holiday shopping season. Although the stores begin selling their holiday wares as soon as Halloween ends, many sales are centered around this popular shopping day and there were two such deals on the location based social media network Foursquare.

Check-in Service Fatigue

I was recently talking with Leslie and she asked me if I was using Philo, a service which allows you to check-in with their website and earn virtual rewards when watching television. I informed her that I did not, nor did I have any interest in using it or any other similar service because I felt that served no useful purpose.

Bringing the Virtual to Reality with Pee-wee Herman

During the course of the day today, Pee-wee Herman was traversing New York City, apprising people of his current location with Twitter and Foursquare and encouraging them to join him at various locations around the city. Pee-wee was promoting his upcoming show at the Stephen Sondheim Theater, but showed how startups could leverage the virtual space into reality.

The Badge Based Economy

Websites and apps seek to encourage users to do different things, they seek different incentives to give users. People have been encouraged to use websites with virtual currency, chances to win physical prizes and other assorted ways to encourage users, and most of these incentives have been largely unsuccessful. Recently, a new form of incentives has cropped around the Internet to fairly big success and replication: badges.