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Return of the April Detox

With SXSW behind me and the Bronx Zoo 5K ahead of me again, I felt it was time to realign myself. The need to get myself back on track to where I was months ago inspired me to return to the idea I had a year ago, when I did my April Detox. So for the second year in a row, I will focus on my health.


I recently decided that in addition to returning to my training after the half marathon, I wanted to start to eat better and lose some weight. While I started counting calories, it was semi-effective, but I needed something a little better to work with. I had previously used the iPhone app LoseIt!, but I found it severely lacking and quit after a few days. When I put the question out to my Twitter followers, my friend Shana recommended MyFitnessPal.

Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild 5K and April Detox Results

Nine weeks ago, I went to brunch with friends and they challenged me to run the Bronx Zoo Run For the Wild 5K because I was considering taking up running but wavering because of the predicted poor weather. After 9 weeks of running and a month of “detoxing,” I finally ran the race. And I am aware there are a few days left of April, but I thought it best to recap it with the race results.

April Detox

March was a long, busy month for me. Between work, social activities and activity commitments, my free time became minimal and life became strained for me. As such, I felt like I needed to make April a reactionary month for myself and take some time for myself and my health.