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Why Facebook Shouldn’t Be Your Website’s Only Login

With Facebook Connect, it makes it easy for a developer to integrate Facebook’s login to their website and use a user’s Facebook credentials on another website. The only problem with this is is if a user has a login problem, there’s nothing you can do if a user has issues logging in, it makes it very hard to deal with. I recently had such an issue, where I learned the extent of this problem.

I Will Be Speaking at Meat and Tweet on Monday

This coming Monday, November 8, 2010 at 6pm, I will be speaking at the Meat and Tweet networking event at Morton’s Steakhouse in White Plains. I will be talking about Social Media for Small Business, where I will be telling people about how to use things like Facebook and Twitter to promote their businesses.

The Social Network – Old Media Looks at New

This past weekend, I saw The Social Network, a movie based on the rise of Facebook, based on the book The Accidental Billionaires, which is written by Ben Mezrich from the perspective of disgruntled individuals involved at the time of its creation. Regardless of how fast and loose they played with the actual facts of Facebook’s creation, even more interesting is how they falsely portray the people behind internet startups and their motivations.

I Am Not Deleting My Facebook Account

In the aftermath of the privacy debacle that surrounded Facebook, many prominent technology people have publicly deleted their Facebook accounts, and many more are threatening to follow suit on May 31 in a massive display. When all of those people spend their Memorial Day holiday deleting their Facebook accounts, I will not be among them.

140Sweets – More Cupcakes for More Awareness

Last October, my friends held their inaugural Cupcakes4Charity event. In the months since, they have rebranded themselves as 140Sweets and held a second event on May 4, 2010. Last week, they were able to raise approximately $2,000 for Autism Speaks.

The Value of Your Online Followers

As we are nearing the end of Social Media Week, this hectic time of networking, information sharing and panel attending shows us how powerful tools like Facebook and Twitter can be to bring people together to spread knowledge and meet fellow cybernauts. It is when we have these occasions that we learn the true power of our Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

The Power of Baked Goods – Cupcakes4Charity

On Thursday, October 1, my friends Joey, Anna and Sara held the first Cupcakes4Charity event in New York City at the Roger Smith Hotel. Through the power of social media, goodwill and cupcakes, they were able to raise $1,100 for the American Cancer Society.