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New York Giants Run of Champions 5K 2014

For the third consecutive year, a 5k race wound its way around Metlife Stadium in New Jersey for runners and New York Giants fans to converge on the field to complete a 3.1 mile trek. A feeling like your favorite football player as he runs those 100 yards to completion at the end zone is what draws them each year.

Recap: The New York Giants Run Of Champions 5K

For the second year in a row, runners raced around the Meadowlands complex in honor of the Giants in The New York Giants Run of Champions 5K. Unlike last year, which revolved around the Giants winning the Super Bowl, this was a race that merely honored the team and allowed runners the feeling of running down the field towards the goal line to finish the race and know the feeling of running in a touchdown.

Road To the 2013 NY Marathon: New York Giants Run of Champions 5K

On Sunday, The New York Road Runners and the New York Giants held their inaugural 5K at the Meadowlands Sports complex. A hot, sunny June day to take to the New Jersey parking lots, roads, and astroturf.