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Review: The BrickGun Book

Last year, I reviewed LEGO Heavy Weapons from NoStarch Press. A year later, they have followed up their book of realistic looking machine guns with smaller fare with The BrickGun Book, a book teaching how to build realistic looking handguns from LEGO bricks. The author of The BrickGun Book, Jeff Boen, was an IT professional […]

Review: LEGO Heavy Weapons

From the age of thirteen, Jack Streat has been creating realistic weapons out of LEGO and posting them to the Internet. His YouTube videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of views each and has created a following online. Now, at the age of 17, No Starch Press has released a book on how to create some of his LEGO creations in LEGO Heavy Weapons, where the reader can “build working replicas of four of the world’s most impressive guns.”