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Must Have Apps and Games for the Sony Xperia Play

The Sony Xperia Play is the phone that truly brings mobile gaming to the smartphone. Rather than the touchscreen games that are prevalent on the modern smartphone, the slide out controller gives a convenient way to play games with a reduced sized Playstation controller that allows the play of high quality 3D games without blocking out parts of the screen with controls nor covering the screen as one interacts with it.

Review: Sony Xperia Play – The Playstation Phone

With the advent of the smartphone and mobile gaming, it was just a matter of time before a manufacturer raised the ante beyond the ever popular Angry Birds and Cut the Line. The company to do that turned out to be the manufacturers of the ever popular Playstation consoles, Sony, with their new Xperia Play cellphone.

My Droid Apps

As is common with smartphone users these days, applications drive the usage of the phone in its not talk functions. When I show people my Motorola Droid, I am often asked which applications I use on the phone, so I’ve compiled a list of my current Droid apps.

Why Do Droid Apps Need To Continuously Run?

In my initial review of the Motorola Droid phone, I pointed out how I noticed that applications continue to run in the background, even when I am not using them. If I am completely not using an application, why do they need to keep running if they are not in use?

Review: Motorola Droid

My recent venture into a new smartphone with the Blackberry Tour was a less than stellar experience, that temporarily led me back to my old Windows Mobile phone. With fortuitous timing, I was invited to the launch party for the new Motorola smartphones, which gave me ownership of a Motorola Droid phone.