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Why You Shouldn’t Keep Important Data In HTML Forms

HTML forms are the predominant way to procure data from a user on the web. Signing up for newsletters, making purchases, and taking any other data from users are all done through forms. When dealing with sensitive information, like handling monetary transactions, it’s important to handle it on the backend, rather than in the form itself, otherwise a knowledgeable person may be able to change the data in your form to their own ends.

Why Hackers Don’t Want To Join Your Startup

There have been multiple articles recently about the dearth of tech co-founders in New York City startups. The are plenty of developers in New York, so why does there seem to be so many startups that cannot find programmers to help launch their visions?

The Front Man and the Guitarist With Mystique in Social Media

Most social media startups are a collaboration between the social aspects and the technology. Even the most pure technological startups require an edge that people can relate to in order to gain success, otherwise your userbase will not be interested in your product, and potentially use your competitor’s product.