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NYRR Staten Island Half Marathon 2018

I had not run the Staten Island Half Marathon since 2013 due to different reasons over the last few years, but with a desire to qualify for the 2019 NYC Half Marathon and a need to get more miles under my feet for the NYC Marathon that was a mere weeks away, I finally was making my return to Staten Island in order to achieve both.

Road To the 2013 NY Marathon: Staten Island Half Marathon

Last year, I came back from the Disneyland Half Marathon to run the Staten Island Half Marathon. After doing well in Disneyland, I was able to come back to New York to run in the fifth and final of the Five Borough Series and set a personal record (PR). Just like last year, I came back from Disneyland, where I had set a new PR of 2:05:11, to run the Staten Island once more.