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Remote Control Apps For Droid

As we collect more devices, we grow our collection of remotes to control them with. Since the cellphone is a ubiquitous device at this point, it only makes sense to use the phone to control them. With that in mind, there are apps for the Droid that can be used to control and manage other devices.

Lego Android

Of late, most of my posts have been about Lego, the Droid phone and the Android operating system, so I thought I’d combine and them and create the Android logo / mascot out of Lego, in full 3D. The size of the Android was dictated by the dome on the top half of the Android. […]

The App Store vs The Marketplace

With the iPhone’s triumphant creation of their app store and the stories of instant riches, developers lined up to begin building applications to join the ranks of the wealthy. Once it worked for Apple, other device manufacturers began announcing similar stores for their devices, from other phone manufacturers to Ford’s cars to the Amazon Kindle, each trying to expand the usefulness through the work of third party developers. Google and Apple take diametrically opposing stances on the running of their stores, but is one way better than the other?

Custom Lego Kevin Matchstick Mage Minifigure

Since I have been making Lego related posts each Monday, mainly in relation to my Etsy store, I thought I would take this week to share a custom creation I’ve recently created. I was inspired to create a custom minifigure based on Kevin Matchstick, the lead character of Matt Wagner’s Mage comic book series.

Video, Movie and TV Apps on the Droid

In my article on my Droid apps, a commenter asked if there was a list of video/tv apps for the Droid because she had just switched to the Droid and missed the VCast video app. Since, the Android Marketplace is a such a mess, I did some research and found all the apps I could to compliment my list of music, audio and radio apps.

Four sculptures for Etsy in four weeks – What next?

As promised in January, I decided to start selling my Lego sprite sculptures on Etsy after procrastinating for so long.  I put up one sculpture a week for four weeks for sale and now Mario, Link, Samus Aran and Mega Man are available in my Etsy store.  From here, the question is what comes next. […]

The Value of Your Online Followers

As we are nearing the end of Social Media Week, this hectic time of networking, information sharing and panel attending shows us how powerful tools like Facebook and Twitter can be to bring people together to spread knowledge and meet fellow cybernauts. It is when we have these occasions that we learn the true power of our Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Samus Aran of Metroid in the Etsy Store – Plus Valentine’s Creations

As I stated in the original posting, when I put Mario in my Etsy store, I was planning to do one sprite sculpture a week for four weeks to introduce my creations. In addition to Mario, Link and Mega Man were created, which leaves this week as the fourth in this series, Samus Aran of Metroid. Now you too can battle Mother Brain in Samus’ eternal battle against the metroids.