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Remote Control Apps For Droid

As we collect more devices, we grow our collection of remotes to control them with.  Since the cellphone is a ubiquitous device at this point, it only makes sense to use the phone to control them.  With that in mind, there are apps for the Droid that can be used to control and manage other devices.

All of the apps below are free, but may require paid services to control.  I haven’t necessarily been able to test all of the apps below, due to services I do or do not subscribe to.  Each of the applications listed below can be downloaded by clicking thru and scanning the QR code with a barcode or QR reader.

  • DIRECTV – If you are a satellite tv subscriber, you can control your DirecTV DVR directly from your Android phone.
  • Fios Mobile – If you have Fios and use the Fios DVR, you can program and manage your Fios DVR, using this app to find and record new shows, view lists of upcoming recordings and recorded shows.
  • Fios Remote – Control your Fios set top box directly from your phone.  Change channels, control the volume, and view pictures on your Fios controlled TVs directly from this app, if you have a Droid or Imagio phone.
  • Gmote – Installing the server on any Windows, Mac or Linux PC and this application on a phone will allow you to control the PC via wifi. My favorite feature of Gmote is the ability to play media files from the PC on the phone, including mp3 sound files and mp4 video files.
  • PhoneFlicks – Remotely control and manage your Netflix queue.  Look up and rate movies, add and remove movies from your queues and rate movies.  The only thing missing is the ability to stream your instant queue to the phone.
  • pocket Blu – If you are watching a pocket Blu enabled Blu-ray disc, you can control it directly from this application.  The app also allows you to see what is currently playing and where in the movie’s timeline you are and gives an on-screen keyboard to assist with the Blu Live features.
  • RemoteDroid – Another application to control your Mac or PC from the Droid.  Although RemoteDroid is not as full featured as Gmote, the server does not have to be installed on the computer, just downloaded and executed.
  • SqueezeControl – My friend Scott uses a Squeezebox to control his music, and his controller of choice is this app on his Droid when he listens to music and to transfer songs directly to his phone.
  • TivoRemote – With a Tivo Series 3, Tivo HD, or Tivo HD XL, you can remotely schedule your Tivo to record your programs.
  • TunesRemote – If your music program of choice is iTunes or you use an AppleTV, then you can control them as if you had the iPhone remote app.  Perfect for those who use either to control their personal media for home listening.

And as a bonus, an application to control your phone remotely

  • Droid Commander Lite – Control the camera, phone, forward text messages, and view media stored on the phone via sms text message or web browser.  Plus the ability to make your phone ring and to track it in case it is lost.

Are there other things you’d like to see the Droid phone control?  Are there things you can control with your phone that I didn’t list above?  any other types of apps you’d like to know about?  Let me know below.

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  • Im looking for a remote for Pandora on my Droid X. To control thumbs up and down and skip songs.

  • micah

    I would like to lock and unlock my vehicle with my droid x…

    • You would need to get hardware installed in you car that can receive a signal transmitted from the Droid X.

      • jeff sedlak

        If you have a new GM car with OnStar, the “Mylink” app does this and more.

        • I also saw this weekend that Mercedes has a similar app for their cars.

    • Sonja

      My car remote is smaller than my phone and unfortunately I still have to use the key. If I have my key already in my hand I don’t need my phone too.

  • Is there an app to control the Droid from a PC? something like GotomyPC?

    • Check out Droid Commander, as listed above.

  • TC

    I’m building a (Linux based) BOXEE computer, so I can stream NETFLIX among other things (NHL etc…) …

    I’m wondering if there is an android app that will control BOXEE (which is on my wifi).. ?

    • There is a Boxee app for iPhone, but none currently for Android. You may be able to find a cheap iPod touch to use as a remote.

  • Matt

    Okay, here’s one that may not have an answer. Im primarily looking to control pandora on my ipod from my android phone. Before you say just download the android pandora…heres more specifically what i need. My ipod touch is inside my home, hooked up to my stereo with the speakers outside on the deck. Now, is there an app that i can put on my android that will control my ipod touch via wifi? This would be awesome if someone could figure out. Thanks for reading/listening…

    • Sorry, I don’t think there’s an Android app that can control an iPod Touch.

  • Jason Jackson

    To conrol your pandora app on your computer FROM your droid phone, download the RemoteDroid app. Make sure the browser that is playing pandora is on top and you have clicked within the browser window. On the remotedroid app, use your droid keyboard right arrow key to change songs.
    spacebar: Toggle Play / Pause
    right-arrow: Skip to the Next Song

    plus: I Like this Song
    minus: I Don’t Like this Song

    up-arrow: Raise Volume
    down-arrow: Lower Volume
    shift + up-arrow: Full Volume
    shift + down-arrow: Mute

    I was looking for a way to control pandora from my phone when listening to music in my back yard patio. I have a computer connected to my tv in my living room. I have a stereo cable connected from the computer to my receiver. So now i can listen to pandora radio on my back porch and control the music from my phone.
    Enjoy guys!

  • We have got a paid remote app for the DirecTV receivers.

    • Very cool. Wasn’t aware because I’m not a DirecTV subscriber.

  • zotdoc

    I would like an app that would let me view cameras and turn on or off the ac and heater at my cabin. If you know of any, please let me know. Thanks

    • I don’t know of a specific app that can do all that, especially via cellphone and not wifi, but it can be done. With some tech knowledge, a PC and arduinos, it is quite possible to do everything you want.

    • Nairb

      There is a way to control every aspect of the home from cameras, security systems, locks and thermostats to TV’s, computers, stereos and more with your phone and computer. But you would need to contact a low voltage specialist to get the right equipment installed. It’s not a cheap operation but could save you a lot in energy costs if you are not able to be there to monitor the facility. If you’re in Colorado I had Rocky Mountain Low Voltage do my work and I’ve never had any trouble accessing the systems remotely.

  • zulu99

    one remote control for all functions.

    DroidMote Server/Client
    android to android remote mouse keyboard mediaplayer dpad

  • Jerod

    Droid x as a remote control for acer iconia a500 tablet