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April Detox

March was a long, busy month for me. Between work, social activities and activity commitments, my free time became minimal and life became strained for me. As such, I felt like I needed to make April a reactionary month for myself and take some time for myself and my health.


After purchasing an internet connected Blu-Ray player (better known as a PS3) this past December, I decided I wanted to get the most from my purchase. I had already built a solid DVD library and wasn’t interested in building another one, so Netflix became the answer for me

To NxNYC, Cupcakes With Love

Since writing the previous blog post about NxNYC, I was reminded of a story I forgot to tell in my blog post, either due to absent mindedness, tiredness, or some combination in between. Rather than updating last week’s post, I wanted to tell the story as a special thank you to our friends who visited SXSW while we held down NYC.

NxNYC: Programming the Counterculture

With the majority of the New York Tech and Social community journeyed south to Austin, Texas for SXSWi, the interactive portion of the South By Southwest music and film festival that occurs annually. Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to Texas for one reason or another and so those of us left behind in New York had counter with our own networking event, aptly named NxNYC.

I Am Running the Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild 5K

I was at brunch a month ago when I told some friends I was thinking of trying to take up running again, a failed endeavor a year earlier due to work commitments. The coming snow storm caused me to consider starting a week later, but cajoling from my friends pushed me to start the Couch to 5K program that Monday and to prepare for a 5K around the Bronx Zoo.

Emulators for the Droid

As gaming has advanced in leap and bounds over the last 20-30 years, the gameplay has become more complex and the graphic have become more realistic. Games continue to push the envelope of what is possible on a console and PC, but people continue to pine for the simpler games and the classics continue to thrive. A majority of these games can be played on the Droid phone via emulators of the classic consoles and computers.

SMart Camp

Since November, I have been on the planning committee for the Arts, Culture and Technology Meetup group, where we plan monthly events that show the intersection between the arts and technology. Our March event, in conjunction with the Roger Smith Hotel, was a weekend long conference to introduce social media to artists and people in the arts fields aptly named Social Media Art Camp, aka SMart Camp.

Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

In Regency era England, a plague spread across the land. The infected dead walked the Earth, attempting to consume the living and infect them. The only one prepared for their arrival in the English countryside was Oscar Bennet, who must train his five daughters to battle the undead army as their mother attempts to marry them to proper English gentlemen. And so opens Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls.

The Tech of Avatar

This past weekend I was among the last to see Avatar in its IMAX glory. It was everything I had heard from others. Amazing use of 3D technology, brilliant use of color, and mediocre plot. (And anyone comparing it to Ferngully, Dances With Wolves, The Smurfs or Pocahontas is less original than the plot) The one thing that truly impressed me was the technology used by the human beings on Avatar, and I haven’t heard much discussed about that.