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I Am Not Deleting My Facebook Account

In the aftermath of the privacy debacle that surrounded Facebook, many prominent technology people have publicly deleted their Facebook accounts, and many more are threatening to follow suit on May 31 in a massive display. When all of those people spend their Memorial Day holiday deleting their Facebook accounts, I will not be among them.

The Way Mashable Hires Developers Is An Insult

Friday evening, a link was posted to Twitter and passed around stating that Mashable was looking for developers. Clicking on the link brought the viewer to a fairly empty page that contained only a form and the words “Apply to be a Developer at Mashable” at the top. I found this way to seek out a developer insulting to someone who spent years studying and honing their craft to be a developer.

The Badge Based Economy

Websites and apps seek to encourage users to do different things, they seek different incentives to give users. People have been encouraged to use websites with virtual currency, chances to win physical prizes and other assorted ways to encourage users, and most of these incentives have been largely unsuccessful. Recently, a new form of incentives has cropped around the Internet to fairly big success and replication: badges.

Ender’s Game for Business and Social Media: Locke and Demosthenes

With Ender off in space attending Battle School and Command School, his older brother and sister were left behind on Earth. Peter chooses to capitalize on his brother’s situation by writing political diatribes and having his sister assist him in his bid for power on Earth.

Why Hackers Don’t Want To Join Your Startup

There have been multiple articles recently about the dearth of tech co-founders in New York City startups. The are plenty of developers in New York, so why does there seem to be so many startups that cannot find programmers to help launch their visions?

140Sweets – More Cupcakes for More Awareness

Last October, my friends held their inaugural Cupcakes4Charity event. In the months since, they have rebranded themselves as 140Sweets and held a second event on May 4, 2010. Last week, they were able to raise approximately $2,000 for Autism Speaks.

Ender’s Game for Business and Social Media: Command School

After a brief respite with his sister Valentine on Earth after graduating from Battle School, Ender was shipped off to Command School. At Command School, Ender was put up with a whole different set of challenges and games to test his mettle, and from which we can learn more lessons for business and social media.

Review: Couch to 5K

As I have previously written, my friends challenged me to run a 5K because I thought to attempt running again. The first time I attempted to run, it lasted less than a week (mainly due to work commitments) and wasn’t the best of experiences. Since Lucius Kwok introduced me to his Couch to 5K iPhone app, I decided that would be the program I would attempt to follow.