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Games for the Droid

Everyone carries their cellphones wherever they go and with the high resolution on the screens of the Motorola Droid, Droid 2, Droid X and other Android phones make for a potential gaming platform to rival the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and other handheld gaming platforms. When there’s downtime, it’s the perfect time to reach for your phone and play a game, and these are some of the best available for the Droid phones.

Walt Disney World Half Marathon Aftermath

I’ve previously written about running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, but focused mainly on the run itself and my experiences with it rather than its effect on me and its repercussions for me. I wanted to focus on those other aspects that weren’t part of my previous ruminations.

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Important Data In HTML Forms

HTML forms are the predominant way to procure data from a user on the web. Signing up for newsletters, making purchases, and taking any other data from users are all done through forms. When dealing with sensitive information, like handling monetary transactions, it’s important to handle it on the backend, rather than in the form itself, otherwise a knowledgeable person may be able to change the data in your form to their own ends.

Verizon iPhone

Last week, Apple finally announced the long awaited iPhone for the Verizon mobile network. After years of rumor and innuendo, American cell phone users who want a choice of cell phone carriers and Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone will soon have the option to purchase it on an alternate network, but it is worth it?


At the December New York Tech Meetup, a new startup called Wanderfly presented their new vacation finding startup. As part of this presentation, they had a contest to win a trip by coming to their website, creating a trip and tweeting it out. I was lucky enough to win the contest and took the time to work with their service fairly in depth.

Recap: The Walt Disney World Half Marathon

In February 2010, a fateful brunch occurred where I was challenged to train to run the Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild 5K. Not only did I successfully do it, but I continued training beyond it. Although I only ran one other 5K last year at Yankee Stadium, I trained beyond the 3 mile race and drove myself to prepare for the annual Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

I Am Running The Walt Disney World Half Marathon

I am currently sitting in the Sunshine State, counting down the hours to my longest run to date. This Saturday, January 8, 2011, I will be running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida, where I will be joining thousands of others in running through the Disney parks in an effort to run 13.1 miles.

Bryant Park Pop Up Shops, Citi Pond and Celsius

Every year during the holiday season, artisans and merchants sell their wares to New Yorkers and tourists alike in Bryant Park in Manhattan. Rows of pop up shops create a mini village around Citi Pond, where people ice skate and party village where people browse and carouse.