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My friend Lea and I were invited to check out Macbar in SoHo recently. This niche restaurant exclusively serves macaroni and cheese, but not the Kraft and Velveeta you grew up on, but a more gourmet style cuisine that meets the adult palate while being reminiscent of the comfort foods of childhood.

Closing a chapter

Sometimes in life, you must realize that the party has to end. It’s time to turn up the chairs and let the last one out turn off the lights. Eras must come to their conclusions and let history judge them for what they were.

Social Media and Customer Service with Western Digital

Monday night, while I was working, I suddenly got a pop-up message saying my computer had disconnected from my network harddrive. My Western Digital MyBook World Edition network harddrive suddenly began having problems powering up. The lack of a harddrive not only limited my productivity and took my time, but also sent me on a roller coaster of customer service.


I recently decided that in addition to returning to my training after the half marathon, I wanted to start to eat better and lose some weight. While I started counting calories, it was semi-effective, but I needed something a little better to work with. I had previously used the iPhone app LoseIt!, but I found it severely lacking and quit after a few days. When I put the question out to my Twitter followers, my friend Shana recommended MyFitnessPal.

What Kevin Smith Can Teach Social Media

This week, I had the pleasure of watching the inimitable Ron Bennington interview filmmaker Kevin Smith. While I have listened to Smith’s Smodcast and read his Twitter about his retiring from directing and self distributing his upcoming movie Red State. While I was aware of what he was doing due to his verbosity about it, but to hear him talk about it in person showed his earnestness and was inspiring to hear.

The Daily

In an audacious move, Rupert Murdoch decided to create an iPad only magazine called The Daily. Every day of the year, a new issue is to be released directly to the Apple tablet via application to subscribers of the magazine at a cost of 99 cents a week or 40 dollars a year. But is this magazine worth it or is it merely more FUD reflecting old school media on a modern media device?

The New Android Marketplace

This week, Google had their latest round of Android announcements this week and coming out of it came two major products. The first was Google’s Android OS 3.0 for tablets, code named Honeycomb. The second is Android’s new web based market to compliment its phone based market, but does the new market bring on par with Apple’s iTunes store?

Good Web Form Management

I previously chronicled my adventures with a hotel’s wifi system and how their less than secure data management allowed for those with the right tools and technique to affect the cost of their service. Between writing up that story and subsequent conversations, I felt that I would cover some good programming practices in relation to programming.