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Return to the Bronx Zoo Run For the Wild

One year ago, I was challenged by friends to run my first race over brunch. After 13 weeks of Couch to 5K training, I ran my hardest and successfully traversed the three miles around the Bronx Zoo in the Run For the Wild to raise money for Tigers. Tomorrow, I return to the zoo to run those three miles again.

Delivering Happiness

At SXSW, I had the chance to pick up a few books by notable social media authors, each talking about different aspects of using social media tools in different ways. One of these books was Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, a book about himself and the rise of Zappos.

The 2012 Chevrolets

Every April, the New York International Auto Show happens at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, where the auto makers show off their latest and upcoming models to the public. I was invited to attend the Auto Show’s press day to see the new cars coming from Chevrolet.

Buick Intellilink

With the onset of the New York Auto Show this week, many auto makers are making announcements and introducing new technologies to be seen in their 2012 cars, and ones that one appear further into the future. Today, I was invited to the Buick luncheon to see the latest infotainment technology for their upcoming cars.

The End of the Flipcam

In March of 2009, Cisco bought Pure Digital, makers of the Flipcam, for $590 million dollars. The Flipcam was the most popular hand held HD camcorder on the market when it was purchased. This week, Cisco decided to kill the Flipcam entirely.

Running in a Foreign City

When attending SXSW last month, I participated in an event imaginatively entitled Run SXSW. Attendees of the run made their way around Lake Austin in the park near the Austin Convention Center. There are quite a few things to remember when running in a city that isn’t your own, some of which I didn’t heed.

Review: Griffin TuneJuice

At SXSW, I attended the Groupon brunch at the Iron Cactus. Some of the attendees, myself included, received a Griffin TuneJuice portable iPhone charger as gifts for coming to the brunch.

Review: Autonet

When traveling the roads of this country from New York to Austin, TX for the Chevy SXSW Road Trip, our Chevy Equinox was supplied with an Autonet router to give us internet access from the car. It gave us the ability to keep connection with the outside world and our GM reps, see what the other teams were posting online and upload our challenges.

Return of the April Detox

With SXSW behind me and the Bronx Zoo 5K ahead of me again, I felt it was time to realign myself. The need to get myself back on track to where I was months ago inspired me to return to the idea I had a year ago, when I did my April Detox. So for the second year in a row, I will focus on my health.