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Review: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher

Have you ever wondered what William Shakespeare would write if he lived in the modern era? What if he wrote one of the modern pop culture classics, like Star Wars: A New Hope? The folks at Quirk Books have pondered these questions and released William Shakespeare’s Star Wars to answer them.

2013 Geek, Tech and Social Media Book Gift Guide

Each year when I make a gift guide, I look at books that would make good gifts and find that if I put books on the list, I wouldn’t have room for anything else, so I just make a separate list of books that would make good holiday gifts. From tech to social media to graphic novels, there are always so many good books to read.

2013 Geek and Tech Gift Guide

It’s that holiday time of year again, and sometimes you just don’t know what to get that geek in your life. Having skipped doing a gift guide in 2012, I’ve returned with a list to help find that perfectly geeky gift for the person you just don’t know what to get for them.

Review: The LEGO Build-It Book Volume 1: Amazing Vehicles and Volume 2: More Amazing Vehicles

LEGO is the largest producer of tires in the world, holding the Guinness Book of World Records for “largest tyre manufacturer per annum” at 318 million tires made per year. With that many LEGO tires out there, it only makes sense that LEGO fans would create their own cars, and No Starch Press has given the directions to create custom vehicles in The LEGO Build-It Book Volume 1: Amazing Vehicles and Volume 2: More Amazing Vehicles.

Recap: ING NYC Marathon 2013

After hurricane Sandy last year, we were all devastated that we could not run the NYC Marathon. 6 months of dedicated preparation wasted – and so were we when we heard the race was canceled. Time passed, training resumed, and team Unfinished Business prepared to run the streets of New York City to do what we had planned to do twelve months prior.

Review: Yurbuds Signature Series ITE 100

Twice before I have reviewed the Yurbuds Ironman headphones. After both times, I found them to be my favorite earbuds for running. I found both times they sounded excellent and never slipped due to the soft rubber earbud coverings, but now I was sent the Yurbuds Signature Series ITE 100 earbuds to check out.

Review: Beautiful LEGO

The creations that LEGO artists make can be very diverse and original. Each builder has his or her own way of assembling the bricks to make unique creations, which are diverse as the builders themselves. Mike Doyle examined many of the different LEGO sculptures out there and compiled what he deemed the most artistic in the book Beautiful LEGO.

New York Comic Con 2013 – Through Other Eyes

The weekend of the New York Comic Con this year coincided with the same weekend as the Chicago Marathon. While did show up on Thursday to loan some of my LEGO creations to Google+ Local to display at NYCC, I was unable to truly give the convention the time that it requires to really go through it. As such, I asked two friends to go to the convention and cover it for JustJon.Net.

Recap: 2013 Chicago Marathon

After running the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World in January, I began thinking about what future races I wanted to run. I started to set my sights on the World Marathon Majors – the six biggest marathons in the world – and began to contemplate which of them I could run. I had already run the NYC Marathon in 2011 and started looking at the other five – Chicago, Boston, London, Berlin, and Tokyo. Since the closest and most accessible was Chicago, I chose to run it.

Review: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

There is a long standing tradition in comedy where a comedian is honored by “roasting” them. Other comedians would take turns telling jokes about the honored guest and generally performing a tribute to them. From 1974 to 1984, famed comedian and singer Dean Martin hosted a television program on NBC where each week a different […]