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Review: The LEGO Adventure Book

There are many unofficial LEGO books out there on how to build different techniques and projects (including my own), but when I received The LEGO Adventure Book by Megan Rothrock from No Starch Press, I was pleasantly surprised to find an advanced book for younger readers, as opposed to the simplified books put out by LEGO itself.

Recap: Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 10K

As a heatwave overtook New York for over a week, the temperatures made running a problem and required much preparation and hydration to take to the roads. The last day of the heatwave fell on the Saturday the race was scheduled and it was downgraded from a 10k race to a four mile fun run in New York City’s Central Park.

Review: The BrickGun Book

Last year, I reviewed LEGO Heavy Weapons from NoStarch Press. A year later, they have followed up their book of realistic looking machine guns with smaller fare with The BrickGun Book, a book teaching how to build realistic looking handguns from LEGO bricks. The author of The BrickGun Book, Jeff Boen, was an IT professional […]

Recap: Achilles Hope & Possibility 5M

On a cloudy, humid, 80 degree morning, we gathered in Central Park for a five mile loop to honor Achilles and the handicapped runners they support to run races like the NYC Marathon. Although the sun wasn’t out, it was quite hot as we ran the Achilles Hope & Possibility 5M.