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2011 Geek and Tech Gift Guide

Every year, we look out and try to figure out to get for that special person in our lives, but aren’t quite sure what to get for one reason or another. If that person in your life is a techie or a geek, here is a list of potential gifts that may help you decide.


1 ) iPad 2
Having played with different tablet computers over the last couple of years, the iPad is still my favorite. It  outsells Android tablets 24 to 1 and with good reason. It’s easy to use and has over a half a million apps available to purchase and use from the iTunes store.


2 ) iPod Nano – 6th Generation
I recently purchased an iPod Nano to have a small iPod to run with. The light weight and touch screen ease of use makes it the perfect small mp3 player. Perfect for listening to music, audiobooks (including at 2x speed) and FM radio. And there are kits available to wear it as a watch.

3 ) Nook or Kindle E-Reader
While tablets are great for a wide variety of tasks, reading on the backlit screens can tire the eyes. That’s why e-ink readers are better for reading. By being more book like, they are easier on the eyes and better for reading. The two major players are Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle. Both have their advantages and both will sync with their respective apps on the computer (Mac and PC), tablet and smartphone.

4 ) Doctor Who Character Building TARDIS Mini Set
Right now, Doctor Who is one of the hottest shows, both on US cable and worldwide.  What better way to give a gift to your Whovian than give them a little TARDIS to build of their very own. As an addition, it comes with minifigures of both the eleventh Doctor and his companion Amy Pond.

5 ) Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber
What better way to battle or give in to the Dark Side than with one’s very own lightsaber. A more elegant weapon from a more civilized age that has a detailed metal handle, LEDs that animate the lightsaber being turned on, and movie accurate sounds for on, off, clashing and the hum of the blade.

6 ) iCade Cabinet for iPad
If the recipient already has an iPad and likes vintage arcade games, then the iCade makes a great gift. The iCade is an arcade cabinet shaped case for the iPad that has a bluetooth joystick built in to play games on the Atari app that is available for free in the iTunes store (with additional games available for purchase in the app)

7 ) Super TV-B-Gone Kit!
For the giftee who likes to both build things and likes the occasional prank, there is the TV-B-Gone kit from the Make Magazine Makershed Store. Build and solder the parts for a device that will turn off any and all tvs with the push of a button. Of course there are plenty of other kits available, for the less chaotically inclined.

8 ) Jawbone Jambox
Everyone seems to have smartphones these days, and on them are our music libraries and streaming music services, but the built in speakers are poor at best. All of these phones have bluetooth built in, and the Jambox is a bluetooth stereo speaker to carry anywhere any listen to music or watch videos with a much higher quality stereo sound when headphones are not an option.

9 ) Star Wars on Blu-ray
Earlier this year, they Star Wars movies were released on Blu-Ray. Both the original and prequel trilogies  are present, plus assorted deleted scenes and documentaries. The only thing missing from this set is the original trilogy without George Lucas’ additional changes of the last decade.

Are there any other gifts I should have included in this list or you are buying for the geek in your life? Let me know below! And of course, you can always buy someone a gift from my etsy store.


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