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2010 Geek, Tech and Social Media Book Gift Guide

When I created my geek and tech gift guide last week, I found I wanted to add too many books and felt it would be tter to have Sandman represent books and graphic novels on that list and follow up later with a second list focusing on reading material. This list focuses exclusively on things to read and not things to read on, like the Kindle and iPad.

2010 Geek and Tech Gift Guide

It’s that time of year where people are seeking that perfect gift for the people in their lives. Since there are so many people who don’t quite know what their friends like or aren’t sure what to buy. So as a techie and a geek, here are my suggestions for the geek in your life.

Review: 4th Generation iPod Touch

As the iPhone 3G I have been using became slower with each incremental release of the iOS, I felt that it was time to upgrade to a more robust iPod. With the recent release of the new wave of iPods by Steve Jobs and Apple, I felt the new additions to the iPod Touch were just what I wanted in a new iPod.

iOS 4 on iPad First Impressions

Introducing iOS 4 to the iPhone was a large step forward for the iPhone and iPod touch. It introduced important features like multitasking and folders to the iPhone and now Apple is finally bringing it to the iPad. Like with the original release of iPhone 4, as a developer I was able to get a beta version to test out on my iPad to see how it works.

JustJon.Net WordPress Plugins

I was recently talking to my friend Jaki, who pointed me to his blog post on must have Wordpress plug-ins. I looked at his list and found it lacking in certain areas, and when I started mentioning plug-ins or types of plug-ins, he felt I should create a counter post. Rather than seeing what I thought were mandatory plug-ins, I felt it was better served to just show what I use on this site.

Lego and the Arduino Microcontroller

In the 10 years of Lego robotics, it has come a long way. From the original RCX to the modern NXT, the things that can be created from these kit have become, far more advanced. Creating everything from walking robots to Great Ball Contraptions, people have created some amazing things, but what happens when people want to create beyond the limitations of the Lego Mindstorms?

Is The Cell Phone Model Ready to Change?

Cell phone carriers lock us into two year contracts as we purchase the hottest and coolest phones on the market. We follow the trends and get the most recent, most powerful phones on the market, but as we get more connected, the phones come out quicker and our phones become more outdated with increasing frequency and it leaves the buyer behind. With the quicker pace of new phones, is it time for the cell phone companies to adjust their model to allow the purchase of newer phones?

What Chirp and Twitter Mean For Developers

This week, Twitter made several announcements and held their first developer’s conference called Chirp. Some of these announcements mean big things for the users while others hold greater significance for developers.While we are seeing the immediate grumblings from developers we don’t know what far reaching effects it will have yet.

iPhone OS 4.0 First Impressions

One of the advantages of being a developer is to have access to things before they are released to the general public in order to develop programs in relation to them. If you are an iPhone developer, you get early access to major revisions of the operating system in order to make sure your existing programs work and to develop programs utilizing the new features in the operating system. I upgraded my iPhone 3G this weekend to try out some of the new 4.0 features.

Review: iPad

Like many others last Saturday, I purchased the latest Apple product to hit the market, the iPad. I gave my first impressions at the beginning of the week, but I have used it fairly extensively over the past week and hardened my opinions of the device.