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2010 Geek and Tech Gift Guide

It’s that time of year where people are seeking that perfect gift for the people in their lives.  Since there are so many people who don’t quite know what their friends like or aren’t sure what to buy.  So as a techie and a geek, here are my suggestions for the geek in your life.

1) iPad
Yes, it’s one of Oprah’s favorite things, but I have had my iPad since the day it was released and it has become my go to device when I want to look something up, read something or watch a video.  It isn’t a laptop or personal computer replacement, but it’s an accompaniment to them.

2) iPod Nano
The iPod Nano is a small  MP3 player that has a nice touch screen and a built-in FM radio.  For those times when you want something small or don’t want to use your smartphone to listen to music, this is an excellent choice. Additionally, a kit can be purchased to wear it as a watch.

3) Lego Mindstorms
I’m obviously a big fan of Lego and its products, but the Lego Mindstorms kit  is beloved by geeks for taking Lego and combining it with computer programming to create some fairly advanced creations.  And if the Mindstorms kit is too advanced, there is always Star Wars Lego.

4) The Glif
Are you looking to buy a gift for someone how has an iPhone 4? If so, the Glif is a brilliant combination stand and tripod mount for the iPhone 4, which will allow them to take better pictures with their iPhone and to be able to display them with ease.

5) Leatherman
Every geek and techie is asked to fix things at one time or another and tools always come in handy.  A leatherman tool is a multi-use  tool that takes the old Swiss Army Knife to the next level in its ability and usefulness.

6) Arduino
The Arduino is a microcontroller that allows for quick prototyping of hardware projects.  The Make Getting Started With Arduino Kit is the perfect way to give the basics and some beginner projects that include everything needed to get started working with hardware hacking.

7) Absolute Sandman
For the geek who likes to read, Neil Gaiman’s opus The Sandman is a mix of fantasy, horror and mythology mixed together in a graphic novel.  This graphic novel truly shines in these oversized volumes and is beloved by geeks for a reason.

8) Complete Battlestar Galactica
Syfy’s brilliant reimagining of  the classic 70’s science fiction series became a staple in geek viewing over the course of its four elongated seasons on basic cable.  The whole series is available now in a single box set in DVD and Blu-Ray.

Are there any other gifts I should have included in this list or you are buying for the geek in your life? Let me know below! And of course, you can always buy someone a gift from my etsy store.

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