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Netflix Trashes Qwikster

When Netflix announced they were spinning their DVD and Blu-ray shipping off into a separate company, it was met with derision as another bad idea to follow up the raising of prices. It appeared to be an excuse to explain the raised prices by splitting the disc and streaming subscriptions. Yesterday, Netflix dropped the axe and announced they were not creating Qwikster.

Netflix Splits Into Two Companies

At midnight Monday night, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, released a blog post announcing the split of Netflix into two separate companies. Netflix itself would encompass the streaming part of the company, while the new entity known as Qwikster would take over the DVDs and Blu-rays.

Does Netflix Care What Its Customers Think?

Recently, Netflix did a redesign of their website, which made it harder to navigate their website with infinitely scrolling large images of the box art, but making hard to actually find movies someone would want to watch. This week, they brought a similar redesign to their PS3 interface, which makes it impossible to view more than five movie titles on the screen at the same time. Add to this Netflix’s announcement that they would be raising their rates on September 1, and their users are up in arms.

Netflix comes to more Android Devices

In the two weeks since Netflix has come to the Android, the biggest complaint about it is that it has only been on a small number of devices. The programmers have been hard at work and continue to bring it to new devices.

Netflix on the Motorola Droid

Earlier this week, I wrote about the release of Netflix on the Android operating system. Although it had only been released for five Android phones, enterprising hackers made it possible to download and install Netflix on other devices. Since writing about it, I have finally installed it on my Droid.

Netflix comes to Android

For the last year and a half, I have been a big fan of Netflix and their streaming service. Slowly Netflix added devices that could support their services, from consoles like the Wii, XBox360 and the PS3 to the iPad to mobile devices including the iPhone and Windows Phone 7. Finally, Android has been added to the list of devices that can stream movies and television programs and can be downloaded from the Android Market.


After purchasing an internet connected Blu-Ray player (better known as a PS3) this past December, I decided I wanted to get the most from my purchase. I had already built a solid DVD library and wasn’t interested in building another one, so Netflix became the answer for me

Remote Control Apps For Droid

As we collect more devices, we grow our collection of remotes to control them with. Since the cellphone is a ubiquitous device at this point, it only makes sense to use the phone to control them. With that in mind, there are apps for the Droid that can be used to control and manage other devices.