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Must Have iPad Apps

The Apple iPad is one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. It was one of Oprah’s favorite things, and after owning one for the better part of 2010, it’s one of mine too. For first time users, this is a good list of apps to start with, and for experienced iPad owners, maybe you’ll find a new app to check out.

  • Angry Birds HD – The birds are at war with the pigs in this highly addictive game.
  • CloudReaders – My cbr and cbz reader of choice, and able to show other formats as well.
  • Cut The Rope HD – Strategically cut the rope to feed candy to the monster without hitting any obstacles.
  • Dropbox – Storing files in the cloud, sharing them and downloading them into other apps is easily done with this app.
  • Evernote – Keeping your information on the cloud and syncing across computers and devices is easily done with this app.
  • GoodReader – The best PDF reader for the iPad.
  • Hulu Plus – If you like watching tv on the iPad, you can stream most of your favorite shows with a Hulu Plus subscription.
  • Infinity Blade – This game brings the Unreal Engine to the iPad and shows how great graphics can look on it.
  • iBooks – Apple’s ebook store and reader.
  • iMockups – If you are a web or app designer, this app makes it easy to create new designs and layouts for your app and websites.
  • iSSH – The best SSH and VNC client I have found for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Kindle – The Amazon ebook store on the iPad, and able to sync with whatever you read on the Kindle hardware, iPhone, Droid or other Kindle software with Whispersync.
  • Netflix – If you have a Netflix subscription, the Netflix app is must have to watch your streaming movies and tv programs on the almost 10 inch screen.
  • Plants vs Zombies HD – The most popular tower defense game with a good sense of humor and a fun theme song.
  • Real Racing HD – Drive around a realistic track by turning your iPad to steer.
  • Scrabble – With the Scrabble board on the iPad and the tiles on the player’s iPhones and iPod Touches makes for a fun experience when hanging out with friends.
  • Twitter – Twitter’s own client is the best Twitter client for the iPad and has the best interface for tweeting.
  • VLC Media Player – If you watch a lot of video on your iPad, by using the VLC app, you don’t have to convert your videos and upload them in iTunes when you can watch them with VLC, which shows most video formats.
  • Words With Friends HD – Words with Friends is like Scrabble played over the internet.  If you do play this, my username is JustJon, feel free to challenge me.

If you think there are other must have apps that I missed, let me know below.

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  • Tom

    Some of my favorite iPhone apps:

    Instapaper – Save web pages for later offline reading. Most apps have the ability to send links to instapaper within app. You can also access instapaper from your computer.

    reeder- The best RSS reader, I have come across. Very clean UI. They also have a OSX client out in beta.

    Boxcar- Push Notification manager. If you use apps that send out notifications this is a must have app.

    Twittelator Pro- The best Twitter client in the app store. Has every feature that every other twitter client dosen’t have. There is a free version, pro version and iPad version. I highly recommend this for Twitter I have used every Twitter app available and keep on going back to this app.

    Instagram- A relatively new picture app, worth checking out. Lets you put cool effects over photos, allows you to upload to numerous social networks.

    8mm Vintage Camera- Just recently hit the app store, it’s the video version of instagram. Lets you shoot vintage looking videos..

    Skyfire- a alternative browser for iOS (iPad version coming soon) decent browser big thing is that it will take flash video and convert it on the fly so it plays on your iOS device.

    AirVideo- Lets you stream video from your computer to your iOS device over WIFI, 3G & EDGE. Will convert on the fly to be able to play any format on your device.

    VLC Player- Lets you play any video format on your device.

    • Thanks for the list Tom. As you said, your list is iPhone apps, and apps like Vintage Camera aren’t appropriate for iPad. As for some of the others…

      Instapaper – I’ve heard good things, but since my iPad is more in the moment for me, I don’t use it and didn’t want to risk $5 not knowing if it was for me.

      Reeder – I don’t read a lot of RSS feeds, so I don’t want to spend $5 on it (plus another $3 for the iPhone version), but Feeddler is free.

      Boxcar – Seems ok, but for the few push notifications I get, I can get them from the individual apps.

      Airvideo – Again cool, but if I’m home, I would rather watch on my tv and usually watch Netflix or movies on the road (depending on the availability of Wifi)

      VLC – already on my list.