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LEGO Final Fantasy Black Mage

Over the years, I’ve created quite a few characters from the 8 bit Nintendo era out of LEGO. From Mario to Link to Samus Aran and others, I’ve built some of my favorites, but one group of characters that I’ve been drawn to but never built until now were any of the mages from Final Fantasy. The first one to be immortalized in brick is the Black Mage.

Original Black Mage Sprite

Looking at the sprite for the Black Mage, I noticed that there were floating pieces on the sides of the sprite that I wanted to represent properly, without adding additional blocks that would change the look. I was able to do this by using bricks with holes in them and pins to hold them in place. Each brick has two holes and two pins to keep them from swiveling.

I decided to make a limited number of Black Mages available in my Etsy store, so if you’re a fan of the old school, original Final Fantasy and want one for your very own, check it out here. And if you’d like to see me create any other characters or have something special built for you, contact me.

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