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LEGO Final Fantasy Red Mage

When I built the Final Fantasy Black Mage out of LEGO, I was inspired to continue. I followed it up with the White Mage, but in the original Final Fantasy game, there were three mage types. Since I had built the first two, I could not leave out my friend Mike’s favorite, the Red Mage.

Original Red Mage sprite

With the ability to walk the line between the Black Mage’s agressive spells and the healing spells of the White Mage, he is the utility player. Just like the magics he wields, the LEGO techniques used to build the two prior mages were utilized to create the hybrid mage. Again, the lack of rounded pieces used in my previous creations was made flat due to the line in front of the mage’s fist, to give it the proper sprite look without adding any additional “pixels.”

Like the previous two mages, I have made a limited number of the Red Mage available on my Etsy store. If you’d like to own one, you can check it out right here (And find the other mages and some of my other creations there as well). And if you’d like to see me create any other characters or have something special built for you, contact me.

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