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New Feature on Live Tweets – Archives

When using Live Tweets at an event, sometimes you want to go back the next day and see what people said during your event.  Now you can with Live Tweets archiving.  Everything seen on the Live Tweets screen during the event is stored for future viewing.

Around the time Live Tweets launched, I was talking to my friend Emily about the service I was starting.  She had said that she would be using it for events, but an archive is a requirement for her usage, so that she may go over the previous night’s tweets with her co-workers.  Although it wasn’t possible to launch with this feature, it was definitely a feature worth adding.

Now, when you log in to your account with Live Tweets, there is a menu link to your personal archives.  The archives are displayed in two ways.  The first way is sorted by term and date and the second is a list of all terms for a particular date.  If the screen was used for two different terms on a date, you have the option of viewing them separated or combined based on that particular date.

When looking at the lists, I felt that it might be of interest to users to export the data to a document that can be shared and analyzed.  Next to each entry in the archives is an Export link that allows the user to download a | (also known as a pipe) delineated CSV file that can be imported into the spreadsheet program of your choice.

Part of Live Tweets service is to give the users what they want.  Features and add-ons are created based on what our clients want and use.  Each client of Live Tweets is listened to all feedback and requests are considered, and often their requests are added to the service to make sure they have the best experience possible displaying live Twitter feeds at their event.

For more information on Live Tweets or to see a demo, check out LiveTweets.Net.

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