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New Feature on Live Tweets – Archives

When using Live Tweets at an event, sometimes you want to go back the next day and see what people said during your event. Now you can with Live Tweets archiving. Everything seen on the Live Tweets screen during the event is stored for future viewing.

Ways to Use Live Tweets

As I have been talking about and showing Live Tweets to people since it launched last week, many of them ask what exactly it is, how it works and what is the advantage of using it. Since it seems to be such a common request, I thought I would go into it here on my blog.

Live Tweets – Live Event Twittering

For the last year, I have been writing and rewriting software to live stream a Twitter hashtag to a screen during an event to create a meta crowd interaction that encompasses the audience and expands its borders to the world outside, allowing those who aren’t attending to interact with the event goers. Finally, after multiple revisions and rewrites, I am releasing Live Tweets to the world.