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On July 1, 2009, I wrote how Your Medium is Your Message in response to something that was said at a panel that marginalized the role of technology in Social Media. From there, I wanted to continue my point and began weekly blogging and a year later, I continue to write, bringing us to this anniversary.

I had written a few bits before, since creating the blog in April 2008, but when I read what the person had said, I wrote about how the social media message is as important as how it is delivered, and began weekly blogging about technology and social media. Once I began, I decided to post once a week.  After almost 2 months, I decided to expand the blog beyond social media and technology and expanded it to include personal experiences starting with my Brickfair 2009 recap, which in turn led to my inclusion of Lego starting with Touristbot.

For me, the most evident power of the blog came when I had problems with Sears Automotive.  They had damaged my car and I decided to attempt to handle it in the public forum.  By blogging about it, and pushing it at them on Twitter and Facebook, I was able to find satisfaction and wrote about that too.  It was an interesting experience that proved that social media can dictate the way a corporation acts in order to keep a good public face.

When I got my Droid phone in November, I wrote a review and followed it up a couple weeks later with a post about the apps I kept on my phone, since the Android Marketplace is notoriously hard to find applications in.  Seeing the response in my traffic in relation, I began making it a regular feature on the site, citing different types of applications, leading to the most popular article on my site on Video, Movie and TV apps.  When I combined the Lego and Droid posts to build the Lego Android, it was featured by Motorola on Twitter, raising my traffic to a whole new level.

When 2010 started, I decided I wanted to create more content and began posting twice a week. Starting my introducing some of my Lego sprites, I continued to start the week with smaller, more personal posts, like about running a 5K, and the more commentary oriented ones for later in the week.  After six months, it’s been a great practice, even if I don’t necessarily get them all done on time, I do get myself to write twice a week.

My biggest disappointment to date is not being to tell certain stories that I have wanted to since I started writing in July.  A series of tales that I still can’t tell due to certain quagmires involved in the extended story that continue to this day. I can’t put them online yet, but I may have told some of these stories in person or would be willing to if you ever ask me in person.

It’s been a wild year, and I look forward to the second year to see where this website and like take me.  It can only lead to bigger and better, and all the highlights will be written twice a week.

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