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Second Blogiversary

It was July 2009 when I wrote Your Medium is Your Message in response to a Social Media person who downplayed the necessity of technology in favor of marketing. Continuing to write missives about social media, technology and expanding to other topics as they interested me, I wrote regularly every week, which brings us to the second anniversary of this blog.

Moving from just technology, I’ve chronicled Lego building, running, and even my adventures as part of a SXSW roadtrip. With two exceptions, I’ve been able to write twice a week here and it has lead to quite a few opportunities to have some adventures and invitations to write elsewhere. I also have chronicled some of my personal lows, like losing and finding my car, but having chose to live parts of my life in public, I have to be willing to share some of the lesser moments along with some of the greater ones.

Like last year, my most popular blog posts were about Android apps. The most popular being Video, Movie and TV Apps on the Droid again this year followed by the Remote Control Apps for the Droid. When I built my Lego TARDIS for BrickFair 2010, I know it would get some attention, but I had no clue how popular it would be both online and at events. It got covered by Wired and Make, among others and became two of my most popular blogs of the year, continuing to bring in traffic to the site regularly.

Now entering the third year of writing here, I look forward to what the future holds. Things seem to get bigger and brighter and I continue to chronicle it all here. Waiting in the wings are just some more amazing things and I can’t wait to commit them to posts here.

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