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Giving 2 Weeks Notice

So I started this blog with the intention of talking about different projects I was working on and whatnot, but then something happened that I couldn’t talk about until today…

About a month ago, I was bored after I got home from kung-fu class and bounced around online, and one of the sites I hit was craigslist, and I found an ad for a “Senior Developer/Potential CTO.”   I sent out a resume, the only one in a very long time, and had a phone interview with them the next day.  I arranged to consult with them for a week, and towards the end, they made me an offer that was too good to refuse.

So today, I tendered my resignation, gave two weeks notice at my current employer and am preparing to work in New York City again at an internet startup style company.  I miss working in the city, and although I can’t beat my current commute, it’ll be good to work in such a vibrant environment again

Not bad for just sending out one resume on a lark.

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