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Review: Beautiful LEGO Wild!

51ykwc4Ka8LLEGO has come a far way from the toys when I was a child. Smaller and more unique pieces have allowed for more intricate designs that come closer to the real world than ever before. While nature makes use of these intricacies, LEGO could not until the introduction of these pieces, which makes the creations in Beautiful LEGO Wild! by Mike Doyle possible.

Beautiful LEGO Wild! shows nature closely depicted by small, plastic pieces. The book starts by showing greenery and landscapes before transitioning to flowers, fruits, and other vegetation. From there, we are taken up the evolutionary scale as more complex creatures are introduced from birds to inspects to more predatory beasts. Rounding out the collection of creations are mythical beasts, that may not have ever truly existed, their depictions are most definitely on par with the rest of the LEGO creations in the book.

While there are no directions to make any of the creations in the book, Doyle scoured the internet (or at least Flickr) seeking the most interesting natural creations he could find. The creations are true to life Рif not truer Рand are truly inspirational to look at. Beautiful LEGO Wild! is definitely a must read for anyone who wishes to build within the natural realm and those who want to be inspired by what could be built with small plastic bricks.

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