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Review: Coding iPhone Apps For Kids

We have entered a digital world where everyone carries a smartphone and everything seems to need an app. Every event and every company puts out their own app, so it only makes sense that writing code becomes a skill for all ages to learn. No Starch publishing is doing their part to bring that skill to younger folks with Coding iPhone Apps For Kids.

Coding iPhone Apps For Kids breaks down into three parts. The first part is coding basics, explaining how to set up the environment and coding basics. From installing X-Code and setting up the phone, it explains in easy steps how to get started before introducing programming concepts in the Swift Playground. Loops, operationals, functions, arrays, and other programming constructs are explained in easily understood language and get across how the different aspects of the code works.

The second part of the book shows the application of the concepts in the first part of the book by building an app, the Birthday Tracker. The Birthday Tracker app is used to introduce the Storyboard and visual elements of X-Code and app building, and how to interact with them. All the concepts of a standard app are covered and  shown how they work and how to create them, giving the reader all the tools they need to build a solid app.

The third part of the book introduces more advanced app concepts to build a game called Schoolhouse Skateboarder. With the basic app concepts covered, the final app introduces art and animation to build an interactive game utilizing SpriteKit. Introducing the assorted functionality utilizing media (sounds and images) and a physics engine to make the skateboarder move and jump to get a high score, with assorted difficulties, collecting items, and scoring. While it is not the most advanced game, it is the perfect jumping off point for a reader to build the games that they have in their minds.

Coding iPhone Apps For Kids is a solid coding resource that is clear and easy to read. The concepts in the book can take anyone (kid or adult) from novice to experienced developer in a matter of time.

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